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2013 Tennessee Psychological Association Convention Recap

Honoring Our Past; Embracing Our Future

Celebrating 60 Years of Psychology Licensure in Tennessee: 1953—2013

Additional Course Handouts Received Since Convention:

Dr. Paul - Ethics and TN Law

Drs. Brown & Kertay - Ethics and TN Law

Dr. Kertay - Happiness/Future of Psychology

Dr. Laurence (Nessman) - HIPAA Final Rule

Dr. Patel - Psychologist & Parent

Dr. Tackett - Generic Drugs

Dr. Tackett - Teens

Dr. Urbin - Part 1

Dr. Urbin - Part 2

PDF's of TPA 2013 Course Handouts, By Course Number:

New TPA Guide for Members: Dealing with PQRS Reporting Reqirements, Available Now--Click Here!

Advisement of New Law Regarding Additional Signage and ID Requirements for All Health Professions

As many of you know, last legislative session,a bill was passed requiring that all healthcare providers be mandated provide additional identification regarding their profession. There are several ways to meet the new bill's requirement. The bill, which went into effect January 1, 2012, requires that all practitioners either: 1. wear a photo ID which includes their full name and their licensure, or 2. provide this information in writing to all new patients. On your office doors and on your websites, practitioners must now also be identified by full name AND LICENSURE (e.g., "John Q. Smith, Ph.D., Psychologist"), in letters at least one inch in height. Click here to review the full details of the bill.

AMessage From the TPA Board: PleaseSupport APAPO!

The Tennessee Psychological Association asks that you support the Tennessee Psychological Association AND APA and paying the APAPractice Assessment.


Licensed APA members who provide health or mental health services or supervise those who do pay the Practice Assessment, which supports the work of APA Practice Organization on behalf of professional psychology. The Practice Assessment is included in a separate section in the APA member dues statements. The base Practice Assessment amount is $140 for 2011, as noted on the APA dues statements


As a quick review:It's not every day that you see a legal team with a track record of 100% success, but that's the case with the Legal & Regulatory Affairs Office of the APA Practice Organization ( APAPO).

APAPO attorneys (supported through our Practice Assessment payments) have been bringing lawsuits against managed care abuses for the last 15 years, working through collaborations with state associations.

As a medium state, the Practice Assessment portion of your APA dues is pooled, and helps support Tennessee as well as other state, provincial and territorial psychological associations. This grant money helps to insure that EVERY SPTA state has a formed and INFORMED association that manages the profession on a local level. The practice assessment money awards legislative grants to ALL SPTAS and organizational development grants to small and very small SPTAs to help keep a basic office infrastructure in place. APA is not able to work alone and stay aware of issues that affect the profession on a state to state to level without every SPTA having a central organization.


Read the 2011 TPA State Legislative Affairs Update for Members in the State Legislative menu to the left

Support Prescribing Psychologists!

Almost 86% of prescriptions for psychotropic drugs in Tennessee are written by primary care physicians. In part, this is because the wait for a first appointment with a psychiatrist in Tennessee can be almost 3 months, and up to 30% of psychiatrists are not taking new patients. And so many people with psychological difficultiesare "over-medicated and under-treated." The solution is comprehensive treatment:Prescribing Psychologists, who have completed several years of additional training in psychopharmacology after their doctoral degree, who can provideboth psychotherapy along withappropriate medication as needed. Learn more about TPA's public information campaign, "Becky's Story," based on a true story, depicting the tragic consequences of the current lack ofcomprehensivemental healthtreatment in Tennessee:

Volunteers Wanted!

We are always looking for members who are willing to volunteer their time to help make TPA an even more effective organization. Currently we are particularly looking to fill the following positions; if you are interested, please contact us at:

    • Members willing to help in TPA's political advocacy work (Legislative Advocates)
    • Ethics Committee Members, especially Senior LPE's
    • Key Constituents (members willing to serve as designated liasons between TPA and their own legislators)
    • Disaster Response Network (DRN) members

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